How to Use Video in Affiliate Marketing

Having video content on your website increases the conversion rate. This means that with the use of a video, more of your visitors will convert into leads or paying customers for the various affiliate offers you promote. Although this isn’t guaranteed, including a video on your homepage can increase conversion rates by 20% or more, according to ReelSEO.


Video Reviews

Video reviews are ideal if you have tried and tested the product or service you’re promoting. This is easier done with online services, such as gaming, gambling or competition websites. You can sign up just as a customer would and find out exactly how it works. To create a video review, sit in good lighting and record yourself talking about the product/service. Mention how it works and talk about it’s pros and cons. Be honest and open in these videos for best results. You could even compare two or three brands that offer the same thing and give your opinions on the better option.

To make these work, it’s crucial you don’t come across as though you’re selling something, but equally, you don’t want to deceive the viewer if you haven’t tried and tested something yourself.

Animated Explainer Videos

Using a free and simple tool such as goanimate, you could create your very own animation to explain how something works. These videos obviously don’t require you to be featured in them, so if you’re camera shy, an animation is the way forward.

You could use animation videos in various different ways. If your website itself needs a ‘how-it-works’ page, it’s likely it will benefit from a branded video showing this in a short engaging clip.

Use Video on Social Media

So it’s clear that on-site videos are very beneficial. The other brilliant thing about having access to video content is the ease and which you can share it on social media. YouTube is the obvious place and there are many ‘YouTubers’ who make a living solely from reviewing products and services through their channel. Facebook has also become increasingly popular for directing uploading and sharing video content.

Video works well because it’s effortless for the viewer to absorb the information. They don’t need to read through written text to find what they are looking for, it’s delivered and presented to them in a convenient format.

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