Getting Started As An Affiliate

Getting started with WOW TRK couldn’t be simpler. Our simple 4 step guide below, will show you the most important steps of setting up your WOW TRK account and how to start earning!

1. Register

Open an account today for free, simply complete our short sign up process and verify your phone number.

We will then review your affiliate application within 48 hours.

To sign up for an account simply click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button below, fill in the form and verify your phone number using our automated free verification service. Failing to verify your phone number may lead to your account application being rejected.

2. Promote Offers

Once you login to your account you have access to hundreds of offers, that you can promote and earn commission from. You can easily filter offers down by category and country.

To look for offers, simply login click ‘Offers’ then ‘Browse/Search’. Once you find an offer which you like and think your audience/website visitors will like, simply click on the offer within WOW TRK to find your unique ‘Tracking Link’ this tracking link is unique to your account, you simply copy this link and place this on your website or traffic source.

3. View Earnings

See your earnings within your account at any time, all our offers track real-time.

As soon as you generate a conversion it will appear within your account.

You can see a breakdown of how much you have earned from each offer and the amount of clicks, conversions you have delivered to each offer from a ‘Performance Report’ within your account. Also use our free apps to check your stats quickly!

4. Get Paid

Don’t forget to fill in your payment information so once you have earned £25 or more in commission, you will receive payment on time.

In the top left hand corner of your account screen, click on ‘My Account’ and from the list that appears click on ‘Billing’, once the page loads simply click on the ‘pencil’ icon to fill in your payment information.

Got more questions? Check out our online help portal with answers to the most common questions at