About Us

WOW TRK (pronounced WOW Track) is a part of WOW Media and started in 2007 as a UK CPL affiliate network, over the years the affiliate network grew into a global network with more than 13,000 affiliates. Due to the competitive nature of the affiliate network space we decided to make the difficult decision to close down the affiliate network at the end of 2020 and offer something different. In its place the new WOW TRK was born.

WOW Team Photo from 2015.

WOW TRK now offers affiliates an easy and free way to discover new affiliate networks and programs. It also gives affiliates an easy way to discover new offers and campaigns by searching the WOW TRK Offers engine. The Offers engine integrates more than 30 networks together in one place so affiliates can easily compare rates and discover new campaigns to promote.

For networks and programs, WOW TRK is a great way to recruit new affiliates. WOW TRK already has an established user base thanks for the affiliate network we ran for more than 10 years. Networks and programs can claim a basic listing on WOW TRK, for free! For companies that want to step up their game, they can buy affordable ad space across the WOW TRK website.


WOW TRK enables you to easily discover new affiliate networks, programs and offers in one place.

You can easily discover which networks have which affiliate offers and easily compare rates from across more than 30 networks, with more being integrated every month.


Help grow your network or affiliate program by listing your company on WOW TRK.

Want to stand out from the other networks and programs? Discuss ad placements, featured listings and more with our team today.