Affiliate University

The WOW TRK Affiliate University is a collection of free online guides we have written to help you get started with affiliate marketing and making money online. We haven’t just focused on how WOW TRK can help you make money; we have covered other areas where you can make money online.


How Affiliate Marketing Works

Completely new to Affiliate Marketing? Learn about the different stakeholders in affiliate marketing.

Can I be an Affiliate?

This quick guide shows you what an Affiliate is and how it works to be an Affiliate.

Make Money Blogging

Want to start a blog? Our guide takes you through how to set one up and how to monetize it.

Make Money from Social Media

Making money from social media is becoming an increasingly popular way to make money online. Learn more now.

Make Money with PPC

Making money from Pay Per Click isn’t easy, but our tutorials help to make it that little bit easier to get started.

Mobile App Monitisation

Want to make a mobile app and earn money from it? Read our guide to making and monetizing apps.

Email Marketing

Learn how to start an email list and make money from it. Email marketing lets you instantly push an offer or deal to your users.