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How WOW TRK Works

If you own a website, send out a newsletter, publish content on social media pages, write a blog, or understand PPC – WOW TRK is for you!

You can join WOW TRK as an affiliate or as an advertiser – or even both if you want! Join our affiliate network if you want to monetize your web traffic or have an additional income stream. Join as an advertiser if you want additional traffic.

How Affiliate Networks Work

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We work with hundreds of brands every week to promote their business and offers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone become an affiliate?

If you own your website, publish content for example on a blog or have a social media following, you can join WOW TRK and start earning money from your website traffic.

Its free to sign up to WOW TRK and we will review your affiliate application within 48 hours. Make sure to verify your phone number when signing as this can sometimes lead to your account being rejected.

How can I make money as an affiliate?

Once you sign up you will have access to over 500 offers to promote on your website (or any other traffic source for example - Twitter followers or YouTube subscribers).

Each offer has a unique link for you to use which includes your Affiliate ID, when you promote the offer using this link you earn commission for each conversion you send to the offers website. A conversion/payable action might be when a person visits your link and signs up to the newsletter.

I want to buy advertising, how much will it cost me?

Unlike more traditional online marketing or even offline marketing, we charge on a performance basis. We don't charge any flat fees, fixed fees or setup fees.

We simply charge per conversion, a conversion might be someone signing up to your newsletter, expressing interest in your financial product or making a purchase. Its up to you!

I have more questions, can I find more instant answers?

Yes of course, we have an online knowledge base with more than 100 articles covering frequently asked questions so you can get instant answers.

Visit to search our knowledge base.