What does ‘SOI’ mean?

If an affiliate program states that the payable action is on a SOI (Single Opt In) basis, this means the user must sign up to the offer … .

What does ‘DOI’ mean?

Some affiliate offers may state that the offer pays on a DOI basis. DOI (Double Opt In) means the user must sign up and verify … .

What is PPV Traffic?

PPV traffic simply means ‘pay per view’ traffic. As an affiliate this would mean you are paying each time an advertisement is displayed to a … .

What does ‘CR’ mean?

CR stands for Conversion Rate. CR simply means the average Conversion Rate. The idea behind CR is to give you an idea on how the offer is … .

What does no content locking mean?

When looking at an affiliate offer to promote in the restrictions of the offer it may state “No content locking”. This means you can’t incentivise … .

What does the term PPL mean?

PPL stands for Pay Per Lead, it is another name for Cost Per Lead (CPL). Generally Advertisers tend to use this term more than Affiliates, … .

What does ‘EPC’ mean?

EPC stands for Earnings Per Click. Some affiliates (and advertises) new to the industry sometimes confuse this, thinking this means the offer will pay X per … .

What is PPC Traffic?

PPC traffic simply means ‘pay per click’ traffic. You may see some networks or programs state they allow or don’t allow PPC traffic. An affiliate … .