How to Use Video to Make More Money as a CPA Marketer

Video is a powerful tool for capturing the attention of your visitors, or for use on social media. It has been proven to convert better than written content in many cases. This doesn’t mean you should replace all written content with video, the copy on your website plays an extremely important part of informing and converting your visitors. However, adding video marketing into the mix could give your CPA conversions the boost they need.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Marketing through video has one major benefit besides being easier to consume; it’s also very shareable. You might have noticed the rising popularity of ‘micro videos’ over the last couple of years, these are short 10-20 second video clips and their success is mainly due to the nature of them being quick to consume and easy to share. If you’re trying to promote CPA affiliate offers through the use of video, there are a few options available to you:

Review Videos

If you don’t mind being in front of the camera, try out some of the offers yourself and then create a video review about them. If you’re promoting survey offers, you can discuss things such as how simple the surveys are, how long they take, and how often you get invited to complete a survey as a user. Your videos need to add value for the viewer in order to create an interest around the offer.


Explanation Videos

This is a better option if you have created your own brand and you promote multiple offers on your website, under your brand. Create a video that can be used on the homepage of your website which explains to visitors what your website is all about and what they can gain from it.

Informative/Educational Videos

In many cases you don’t need to directly advertise the offer you are promoting within the video. You could simply create engaging content around the niche in order to spread brand awareness and build your online community. Good examples are tip related videos, for example if you’re promoting survey offers, a video about making money online would attract well-targeted viewers.

The good news is that creating videos has never been simpler, there are plenty of free video editing platforms available. If you’re a newbie creating a review video, you can even record the clip on your smartphone and edit it using a free app.

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