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How to iFrame an Affiliate Offer

Example browser with frames

Affiliate links are a vital source of revenue for you. They are essential in generating revenue for your blog or channel by introducing potentially useful products and services to your following. It essentially offers you all the potential benefits of having your own business with none of the overheads. Yet, as essential they are to […]

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Complete Online Casino Affiliate Guide for Beginners

Affiliate marketing has been steadily rising on the Internet and has become one of the primary methods to generate profit for content creators in many different areas. One industry that has seen great use of affiliate marketing is the online casino scene, which has been practicing it for a while. In this article, we will […]

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How to become an Instagram travel influencer

So you’re a frequent traveller, and you already share your travel journey with your family and friends on Instagram, but now you want to up your game, and become a travel influencer. First things first – where do you begin? Travel accounts on Instagram are increasingly popular, and there is a LOT of competition out […]

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A Short Recent History of Gambling Advertising

Gambling Chips

Gambling has been around for as long as civilisation has existed. It’s one of the world’s most popular activities, and its many forms are constantly evolving and changing over time. While advertisements are a recent invention, at least when civilisation is concerned, it’s safe to say that gambling businesses immediately found ways to promote themselves […]

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How Affiliate Marketing Works in the Online Betting Industry

With the introduction of online gambling some 25 years ago, casino and sports betting sites started to appear all over the internet. Today, there are literally thousands of them that offer you all kinds of casino games and sports wagering markets. Naturally, all of these betting companies need some sort of a way to spread […]

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How to earn money with the Fiverr affiliate campaign

The Fiverr affiliate campaign was designed to help people drive traffic to Fiverrs website. In return for this, you will be paid a certain amount for helping send this traffic their way. But, before you can do this, you need to understand what this actually is, and if there are any restrictions. We are going […]

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Tesco Affiliate Programmes – Which Networks Are They On?

Tesco Example Supermarket Image

One of the great things about Affiliate Marketing is that affiliates rarely have to do any selling. Because they can be affiliated with some of the most well known brands, like Tesco, in the country (if not the world), the selling really does itself. While all in Affiliate Marketing should be wary of the term […]

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