Affiliate Programs in the Gambling Niche

Nowadays, it’s hard to underestimate the popularity of online gambling. And considering the high competition in this niche, affiliate programs have become the most effective marketing tool. It works positively both for the casino and affiliates since it helps to successfully monetize traffic.
In the case of the gambling niche, an affiliate program is a way of cooperation between a gaming site and those who would like to promote it (as a rule, these can be webmasters and blog owners). It’s worth noting that both a new online casino UK and an old and reputable gaming club can use such services and benefit from them.

How Does It Work? 4 Simple Steps

Such a way of collaborating and leading a business seems unusual for many people. However, affiliate marketing is at the peak of its popularity and more users strive to figure out how to proceed with it. The whole process is usually realized in several steps:

1. The affiliate registers in the program of the gaming club and selects the offer that interests them.
2. The casino sends them all promotional materials and a unique affiliate link.
3. The partner puts the casino advertisement on the selected sources, such as social media, websites, blogs, and thematic forums.
4. Using the unique affiliate link, potential casino players can enter the site and check everything.

After that, the gaming club pays out to the affiliate according to the chosen payment model. Take a look at the most common options below.

How Do Casinos Payout to Their Affiliates?

Of course, the main aim of both a casino and its affiliates is to get profits. So, a gaming club provides a payment system with one of the following methods:

·  Revenue share implies that a partner gets a percentage of the money that the referred player spent in a casino (as a rule, it’s from 25% to 60% of the whole sum).
·  CPA model where an affiliate gets a fixed sum for every action.
·  A hybrid system implies a mixture of the already mentioned options, where a partner gets a fixed sum and a percentage of the spent cash in addition.


Main Benefits of Using Affiliate Marketing in the Gambling Industry

This promotional method is quickly gaining popularity, so many gaming clubs use it in their activities. And what are the most significant advantages for both parties?

·  Attracting more players to the casino and increasing the income of the gaming establishment;
·  A casino can save some promotional costs since partners get money after there are any results;
·  A brand becomes more recognizable since its name appears on different platforms;
·  Affiliates don’t have to invest any cash in the product or service, and beginning operating in this niche is possible without any significant initial investments;
·  The casino doesn’t have to spend time advertising its site, and affiliates do all the work;
·  All affiliate programs can be easily monitored by the casino administration, using specialized platforms and apps.


As a rule, this promotional option is quick, and a casino can get new clients almost immediately. Of course, the more affiliates a gaming site has, the higher the possibility to receive numerous new customers.

Overall, promoting a gambling site using affiliate marketing usually takes a lot of investments from a casino and numerous efforts and time from its partners. If gaming webmasters and gaming platforms perform their work responsibly, both parties benefit from such collaborations. Affiliates can earn significant sums, while an online gambling hall expands and has many new loyal clients.

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