Use Affiliate Marketing to Boost Your Student Finances

Being a student is tough sometimes. You’ve got exams and coursework, on top of trying to cope financially without a proper income. If your parents can support you financially through university, then you’re probably in a much better position. But even then, you might not have much spare cash for new clothes, or a holiday with friends. If you’re ambitious, you might also be hoping to earn an extra income while you study and save for something substantial when you graduate; like a house, or a car. We’d like to introduce you to a way you can do just this.

Affiliate marketing is a well-known and widely used method of generating more leads or sales for a brand. For example, a business selling online sportswear will offer affiliates a commission for generating leads or sales on their behalf. If you have a sports-related blog, or social media following, this type of affiliate programme would work well.

You find a programme to promote via an affiliate network. That’s what we are, WOW Trk is an affiliate network that connects publishers (like you) with brands. The commission you can earn will depend on the product or service you choose to promote. There a number of different commission structures, but for now we will introduce you to the main two.

A CPL offer (cost per lead) means that you receive a flat fee for every lead you generate. For example, if you refer someone who subscribes to a company’s newsletter, you would receive X amount per subscriber.

A CPS offer (cost per sale) means that you receive a percentage of that sale as commission. For example, if you refer someone who purchases a new kettle at £45, you will receive X% of that sale.

Which is Better CPL or CPS?

There is no better or worse method for generating an income, however, the answer to this depends on your audience. In order to get people to take an action, you need a certain amount of people to see. If you write a blog and it attracts visitors, this is one platform you can use. If you have quite a lot of followers on Instagram or Twitter, then this another one.

Choose an affiliate programme that fits with your audience. Perhaps that audience is other students, or perhaps your blog reaches a specific niche (beauty, sports, fashion etc,.). The success of your affiliate marketing efforts will depend greatly on the relevance of each offer to your audience.

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