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Find affiliate networks and offers from around the world

Discover new affiliate programmes with WOW TRK. We make it easy to locate affiliate networks based on their location and find affiliate offers from around the world.


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What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is a group of websites and advertisers that are linked together to increase sales with targeted marketing. It works in a similar way to a group of friends recommending products and services to each other by word of mouth. But instead of word of mouth tactics affiliate networks use a system of links and buttons for the website visitor to click on.

It’s basically a great way for both advertisers to spread their web presence across the internet, and for website owners (affiliates) to generate revenue at the same time.

Affiliates pick up adverts, or links, or buttons the advertiser provides via the affiliate network. The affiliate then receives commission for specific actions depending on what the advertiser wants (for example the advertiser might want to pay for sales, leads, newsletter sign ups, clicks etc)

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