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If you have a steady flow of Canadian based web traffic, access to a Canadian social fan base, or mailing list, you might be looking for a way to monetise that audience. WOW TRK can help you discover new affiliate programmes from companies to help you monetise your audience!

Using WOW TRK you can easily discover new affiliate networks, programmes and more based out of Canada. Not only this but you can utilise the WOW TRK Offer Engine to easily discover Canada offers and campaigns run from these networks. You can also use the Offer Engine to compare rates across multiple networks to ensure you are getting the best rate for a campaign!

Affiliate Networks from Canada listed on WOW TRK

Discover new affiliate networks and programmes with WOW TRK. Below are just a few networks/programmes based out of Canada that are listed on WOW TRK.

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Use the search box below to search using the WOW TRK Offer Engine. Easily filter your results down by offers available in Canada. You can further filter the results down by several other criteria as well to help you discover the perfect Canadian offers and rates.

Affiliate marketing in Canada

Canada is catching on to the value of affiliate marketing; more and more merchants are starting to see the benefits of this avenue, resulting in a rapid growth of Canadian affiliate programs. Not only this, but Canadian e-commerce itself is still gaining huge momentum. At WOW TRK, we are committed to listing the very best Canadian offers available on the market today, all in one place to make your life easier!