Three Tips to Create Better Marketing Videos

It’s simple enough to make a video, we can record them on our smartphones, or use a tool to generate a mash-up of images and texts. It’s fair to say that almost anyone is capable of creating some sort of video. The challenge then is how to make really awesome videos that engage and most importantly, convert!

Keep it Short & Straight to the Point

Unless you’ve got a really fantastic video concept, when it comes to marketing something, short is always better. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to watch a video trying to sell them something, not if they knew that beforehand. 1-2 minutes is more than enough, however, the length of the clip will depend on the type of video you’re making. For example, a chatty style review video might be slightly longer than an explainer video. Get your message across in the first 30 seconds because chances are, viewers won’t actually watch to the end.

Use the Right Tool

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a polished editing software such as Final cut pro you can record and edit your own videos to a reasonably high standard with limited knowledge. YouTube is a great place for video editing tutorials. However, if you’re using something less advanced or you’re creating an animated video, the tool you use will make-or-break the clip. If you want to make a marketing video from a template, then FlexClip does it easily and quickly. Techradar has also shared a useful list of the best free video editing tools currently available.

Film With a Real Person

Videos with real people are trusted more than those without. This is especially true for reviews. If you’re reviewing a product and you’ve tried it yourself, these are the videos that will do well. You have a unique opportunity to sit in front of a camera for 120 seconds and talk about the benefits in an honest and open way. The difference between this and creating a two minute slideshow of the benefits is immense. Real people resonate with other real people. It’s the same reason most adverts feature people.

For more ideas about how to use video as an affiliate marketer, check out our earlier blog post. Here we discuss the different types of video you should consider and how to create each one. This is a really great starting point if you’re unsure about how video marketing will fit into your strategy.

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