Our list of the Best Cheap Traffic Sources

Buying traffic is an integral part of modern advertising. With the web playing an increasingly instrumental role in the success of businesses, the goal is to drive more traffic to your pages, creating more leads and improving your conversion rate. If you’re keen to attract more attention online, you may be looking into buying traffic, but where can you find the best cheap traffic sources?

The best cheap traffic sources

There is a vast range of traffic sources out there, and fees vary hugely. If you have a limited budget, you’re probably looking for a site that won’t charge you a fortune to generate leads. If you don’t want to take risks, it’s worth looking for sites that have an excellent reputation and a great track record and to opt for sources that won’t charge you unless they deliver results. Remember though that value for money is often a more important consideration than just the fact its a cheap traffic source. With that in mind you should always try to track the results on all the sources mentioned below so you can see the true return on investment from your ad campaign.

Big name advertisers where you pay per click but with the right targeting can be cheap

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Facebook Ads are two big-hitters in the world of PPC. You have to pay for these services, but if you manage your campaign effectively, you should find that you reap the rewards of having a captive audience of thousands, even millions of people. Make sure you take advantage of targeting settings, which enable you to define an audience that matches your ideal buyer persona. Bing Ads is another option, which may be more appealing if you’re looking to spend less. Bing Ads works in a similar way to Google Ads, but tends to have cheaper PPC rates from the start.

It is worth noting if you are considering advertising on Google, Facebook or Bing they often have offers on with free credit for new advertisers or free credit after you spend X, it is worth searching around to see if there are any current offers on before signing up, making this an even cheaper option – at least initially!

Native Advertising with MGID

If you read the news online you have most likely at some point seen a native ad, usually at the bottom of a news article you see some sponsored links that say something like, “If you liked this article you might like these” with links to news articles on third party sites about the 10 reasons Britney Spears shaved off her hair. Native advertising is fast becoming a popular way to advertise and with companies like MGID it can be quite a cheap traffic source as well. MGID have been established since 2004 yet it appears to be quite affordable compared to bigger names like Taboola.

Affiliate networks like WOW TRK

If you run a website, have a blog, or you post content on social media, and you’re looking to drum up interest and increase traffic, WOW TRK’s Advertiser platform could be the solution for you. Unlike other advertising and affiliate networks, WOW TRK will only charge you if WOW TRK generate you leads or deliver sales to your website. With this option, you can target your ideal customer without risking money on a campaign that might not deliver.

If you are unfamiliar with how an affiliate network works I recommend you check out this article on our site which has a fun video which goes over this in under a minute.

Media buying on sites like BuySellAds

BuySellAds.com offers an alternative to conventional PPC, as you can pay a flat rate to buy bulk traffic. If your current campaign isn’t working as well as anticipated, or you’re looking for a simpler way to budget for marketing and advertising, this could be an attractive option. BuySellAds often offers fixed prices for ads on specific websites and they have a dedicated Discounts section on the site to show you websites that are offering their ad placements cheaper than normal.

Before you choose a source

Before you choose a traffic source, it’s essential to ensure that you are prepared for a potential influx of traffic. Your landing pages should be slick, you should have a clear call to action, and all the pages should be mobile-friendly if you’re looking to attract consumers on the go. You also want to ensure your website is fast, website speed is becoming more and more important not just for SEO but users are caring more and more about it. You don’t want to attract visitors to then lose them because your site doesn’t deliver.

If you’re hoping to bring more web users to your website, blog or social media pages, and you’re thinking about buying cheap traffic, explore your options before you make a decision, and make sure your site is ready and raring to go.

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