Marketing Ideas to Promote an Online Casino

In recent years, the online casino world has most definitely surged beyond expectation. In fact, anything digitised saw the benefits and surge of revenue within the past year of 2020. The realm of casinos is certainly not a new concept that has been introduced within our lives. In fact, it has slowly developed and grown through the power of marketing and digitalisation. We are seeing everything become possible on online casinos, in real time too! On John Slots, there are live dealer baccarat, poker and other variants, that give you the exact experience as you would find within the comfort of a land based casino, yet with the freedom to be at home and complete flexibility of course.

It is marketing that has got casinos thus far, and it will be marketing that will continue to promote and steer the power of casinos into the future. But of course, the question here is to what extent can this happen and how? Within this article, we will provide to you the marketing aspects that are associated with promoting casinos. There are many variant methods, so if you are curious or want to go down the route of this niche, definitely read up on everything we have to say, as it should be most enlightening!

Be Transparent

Casinos have to have full transparency with their customers. While you may think this has no role to play in the marketing aspects, it actually does. Word gets around within the gambling community and that is publicity in itself. The gambling community reviews everything that a casino has to offer, so it is very important to ensure that you specify each and everything from minimum and maximum bets, to very clear and concise terms and conditions.

Bonus promotions and Games

The bonus promotions are what drive traffic towards casinos believe it or not. These incentives are what make gamblers interested and think to sign up and become active players in any casino. Often the bonuses that have fair terms and decent wagering requirements are the ones that have the largest popularity within the gambling community. Whenever you see bonuses that are super unrealistic, that can often be a huge turn off to players and thus does not work as a great strategy.

Screenshot of website is an affiliate site that lists different bonuses on casino sites.

Free spins with no wagering requirements attached have proved very popular in the past, especially when applied to a no deposit bonus. These get new players to sign up, before you can say the term casino. The way the consumer sees freebies, is like you are actively trying before you buy. Although many free spins do come with strict game terms and rules, it does give you a teaser to how the casino establishment works and to actually feel if consumers are valued or not.

Utilise New Games in Promotions

If the iGaming industry and the top developers in the game, such as NetEnt and Playtech for example, have released new game titles. A way to attract a following and traffic towards a casino site, would be to combine promotions with access towards that particular title. A very popular promotion is the access to free spins towards very popular games that are moderately recent, such as Starburst, Cleopatra and Book of Dead for example.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is huge nowadays for casinos, all the major players in the gambling industry are running casino affiliate programs. Why? Because the use of advertising will spread the word of a casino and ultimately strengthen the brand and reputation of the site. Often affiliates will generate reviews and their own incentives for their customers, so that will direct more traffic towards the casino itself. Affiliate marketing very much is the future of casinos at present, there is no doubt about that. Combine that with the powers of digital marketing and SEO, and you have got yourself some great organic traffic, providing if there is a budget to accommodate such marketing techniques of course.

Screenshot of WOW TRK's Offer Engine gambling offers category.
WOW TRK lists gambling offers and programs from more than 50 networks all in one place making it easier to compare programs.

Know your SEO

Google has started to clock on too many tactics that marketers are playing these days. If you know the terms that get you ranking, you can get penalised for using them too much i.e. keyword stuffing, for that reason you need to engage in plenty of competitor research, to know exactly how and where to input you on page SEO. Off page SEO, has become the new solution, where gambling associations now use outreach as their primary source of marketing. Google favours casinos with good authority and relevance within the niche, so the more contacts, networking and mentions that a casino gets, the more reputable a casino site will seem for Google. It is super long-winded, however if you are at the top, it will be far easier to maintain and keep that spot in the search results page with time.

Provide Solutions and Resources 

A casino will need to put their position within the position of a customer. Customers need assistance and resources to ensure that they are able to use the casino in a way that suits them. Having the right kind of site layout, with consideration to user experience is key. That is why it is worth paying that few extra bucks, to ensure that the site looks professionally made, and is easily navigable. No consumer likes complicated, so having the right amount of menu tabs and simplicity, is what makes a casino attractive. With so many competitors out there, looking to take the crown at the top, there is no room for mistakes at all. It has to be perfect from the first shot.

Therefore, providing extra resources, free games and guides will provide that support for any player (beginner or proficient), to enjoy the casino services that you have to offer towards them. Also give customers access to a great customer service regime, so they are able to question and query any difficulties that they may have. The more assistance a casino gives, the better user experience and impact a casino will leave to a customer. Retaining user traffic is just as important as getting it!

Be Up-to-Date with the iGaming Industry

The casino industry is constantly updating itself and evolving. Any casino establishment will need to ensure that they keep up to date with the momentum of the industry. Be it with the many video slots that get released by the top gaming developers, to the many new promotional options that keep getting introduced to online casinos, to stay in the game casinos must be up to date in every possible way.

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