What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Facebook Advertising Services?

Social media isn’t a passing fad. Over the last two decades, billions of users have signed up to platforms from MySpace all the way through to TikTok. As such, it is now more important than ever to utilise these platforms to help engage with your ‘tribe’ and successfully grow your business.

Facebook in particular is the world’s single biggest social media platform, with a daily reach of 2 billion users, and around 3 billion monthly visitors. If those numbers aren’t enough to grab your interest, read on to discover even more reasons to hire Facebook advertising services today…

What are Facebook advertising services?

Firstly, let’s take a look at Facebook Ads. These are paid posts that advertise your products or services across Facebook and its network. You generally pay-per-click, whenever someone clicks on your ad, or per view, when someone sees it in their newsfeed.

In essence:

  • You create an ad that you want to appear on Facebook and its associated sites.
  • You then choose who you want to target, when, how much you want to spend, and which format you wish to use.

Facebook advertising services are hired to take care of your Facebook Ad campaign for you instead – rather than have to go into the amount of depth and research required to be successful by yourself. They will carry out the process from conception to final analysis so you don’t have to.

You can also use Facebook to advertise in more organic ways using social media marketing to entice customers to come to you. You can do this by sharing engaging content that educates and evokes emotion and this is something that can yield incredible results when establishing trust and credibility.


What are the benefits?

Now we know what Facebook Ads and advertising services are, you may well be asking how hiring Facebook advertising services can actually benefit you. Here we will go through some of the biggest reasons to outsource your Facebook advertising campaigns, rather than keeping the tasks in house…

1. They are the experts

Everyone has their skills and specialties, and very few people can do it all – or effectively at least. Why settle for a Jack-of-all-trades when you can have a master run your Facebook advertising for you?

With the right agency, you can utilise all of their knowledge and expertise to ensure that you have the best possible campaign bound for long-term success.

2. They know how to properly engage customers

There are many ways that platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be used to boost engagement, and if you outsource your Facebook advertising to a reputable agency, you can rest assured that they will be doing it right.

You could try your best to properly target and engage with your target market, but an experienced company will have the skills already – and indeed the time to invest.

Again, successful social media advertising isn’t something that one can pick up overnight. As such, leveraging the pros who have already mastered social media engagement can speed the process up significantly.  

3. It will save you time

So much time and effort goes into researching everything from your target audience, the social media platform in question, the kind of technology in use, which keywords you’d like to target, what content type resonates best with your demographic, and so much more.

Then you have to craft an ad with a beautiful design and compelling sales copy, test it, evaluate it, and refine it over time.

If your time would be best spent elsewhere, it’s always worth delegating.

4. It is cost-effective

On top of your valuable time are the costs of strategizing and managing a Facebook Ad campaign in-house. Not only that, but in order to get the most out of your ads and the highest possible conversion rates, leveraging the experts is typically far more cost-effective.

5. They can track and analyse what is going right and wrong

Finally, if you hire an agency to handle your Facebook advertising they will track and analyse your campaign every step of the way. It is not enough to simply create an ad and pay to show it. It has to be managed, the conversion rates checked, and the overall success rate determined.  


And that about sums it up; there is an art and a science to successful Facebook advertising and unless you have the resources to build an in-house team with experienced social media experts – or have the time to do all of the work by yourself – then outsourcing your requirements to an established third-party Facebook advertising agency is the way to go. 

If you are looking for a quick way to generate Facebook Ad copy you can use the fast and free FATJOE Facebook Ad Generator tool.

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