Affiliate Marketing in Emerging Economies

Affiliate marketing has a strong presence across the US and most parts of Europe. It’s also been growing leaps and bounds every year in places such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There are still parts of the globe that have been slow to adopt affiliate marketing in quite the same way. Now though, new emerging economies are generating opportunities for both publishers and advertisers.


Japan is rapidly growing within the performance marketing industry and it’s time that brands and affiliates alike took note! The market is expected to rise to 350 billion yen by 2020. Why? Well, firstly advertisers are starting to expand their marketing budgets and assigning more to affiliate marketing as they begin to recognise the huge value here. The Japanese e-commerce marketing is growing itself, as is the use of smartphones and social media. Japanese social media influencers are looking to earn revenue promoting products, opening up the doors to even more affiliate marketing models. All of this has encouraged small to medium-sized businesses to become advertisers and enter affiliate marketing.

Asia in General

There is currently a fantastic opportunity for brands in Asia to get on board with affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most cost-effective marketing channels with no risk for the business at all. Any company who fits the model would be daft not to set-up an affiliate campaign and start benefiting from a new revenue source.

A lack of awareness has led to this slow adoption within Asia. Often international brands worry about regulations, currency and language barriers. Here at WOW Trk we want to encourage new emerging markets to join our network and start reaching new audiences through this medium. We are here to help you understand how affiliate marketing relationships work and how your  business can benefit even if you’re not based in the western part of the world. This commercial model is simply too good to miss out and being amongst the early adopters within Asia will massively benefit your brand in the long-run.

If we don’t already have an existing affiliate base promoting within your country we will actively recruit affiliates in your location once you join our network. WOW Trk is a leading global network, so the chances are we already have publishers that would be a great fit for your brand. Our affiliate-base is growing daily across the globe.

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