A Short Recent History of Gambling Advertising

Gambling has been around for as long as civilisation has existed. It’s one of the world’s most popular activities, and its many forms are constantly evolving and changing over time. While advertisements are a recent invention, at least when civilisation is concerned, it’s safe to say that gambling businesses immediately found ways to promote themselves with advertisements.

Modern gambling advertisement examples

Gambling advertisements appear in many shapes and forms, especially in the more recent years. They can promote any type of institution, from casinos, lotteries, and all kinds of services that offer betting.

There are both online and offline types of ads for each of these institutions, and they can appear in every medium imaginable. From newspaper ads, to internet posts, television ads, and even ads on sports kits. There are even stories about people that have placed tattoos of brands on their bodies in exchange for money.

While that’s not something that happens every day, or even every year, gambling advertisement is something that happens constantly. The intention is to inform people about the gambling operation, and to potentially find a newer, larger audience.

Legal matters about gambling ads

As is the case with everything, laws exist that regulate and control what type of gambling ads are allowed and permitted. However, there is no overarching law that regular gambling ads in every single country in the world. Naturally, that type of control falls on the shoulders of governments, which is why there are different gambling ad laws in most countries around the globe. In the UK, foreign advertisers whose equipment isn’t based in the country must obtain a special license the Gambling Commission. Only gambling institution that are located within the country are allowed to advertise within the country’s borders otherwise.

Australia has different laws in each state, and gambling institutions are obliged to promote responsible messages about gambling, and in Victoria gambling ads are prohibited on public transport and near schools.

Each country has their own, wildly differing, gambling advertising laws. For example, Spain prohibits gambling ads between 2pm and 6am. Scandinavian countries have much more lax regulation, which is why it appears as if there are more gambling ads present everywhere.

Effects of Gambling Advertising

It’s often stated that gambling advertising is very effective. Sometimes that argument has been used to criticise gambling in general, but it’s very difficult to even attempt to prove correlation between gambling ads and gambling problems. Sometimes the styles of gambling ads differ wildly between advertisers that there is no case to prove at all.

Future of Gambling Advertising

With the advent of the internet, so has the number of online casinos grown in recent years. Casinos like NoviBet are thriving businesses, and gambling advertising is a good reason why. More and more people are viewing these ads, and that number is only going to increase with every year. The internet has allowed advertisers to reach massive audiences, and the gambling institutions that continually thrive are proof of that.

Gambling advertisements aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re an effective strategy that only continually improves, and will only become more sophisticated in the following years.

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