5 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Income

As Affiliate Marketing has grown more popular over the years, it has also become much more competitive to make money as an Affiliate. This tells us two things, the first being, that Affiliate Marketing is a very profitable avenue for monetising a website, social following or email list. Secondly, you need to think outside the box and work hard to beat the competition and increase your Affiliate earnings. Below are 5 tips to increase your income and make more money as an Affiliate.

  1. Choose a Niche

A mistake that new Affiliates often make is trying to promote everything from the same place. This doesn’t work well, because the end result is often badly targeted traffic, that doesn’t convert very well. Find a niche to promote and set your website up so that it’s an informative and engaging place to visit, for people interested in your particular niche. The end result is going to be better targeted leads.

  1. Increase Traffic by Actively Blogging

One way to ensure the traffic to your website is constantly increasing, is to keep active when it comes to adding content  and blogging. A regular blogger is going to see a much steadier flow of traffic, growing over time, compared to a blogger who posts content every now and then, with no real regularity.

  1. Focus on Conversion Optimisation

Start analysing what it happening on your website. Learn what your visitors are doing, or not doing, once they land on your website. Is the bounce rate high? Meaning, are lots of your visitors leaving without taking any action? Once you know these types of things, you can start making changes on your website, to increase the actions a visitor takes. This is known as conversion optimisation because you are essentially optimising your website, to get the desired result; the most Affiliate leads or sales.

  1. Be Honest When Reviewing Products

To make money as an Affiliate by reviewing products or services, you really need to ensure that you are being honest with your readers. Honestly when reviewing something leads to a higher level of trust, giving you a better reputation as a product reviewer, therefore securing a more respectful audience for future reviews. If you are looking to remain in Affiliate Marketing for a long time, you need to approach it with a long-term outlook, rather than going after short-term wins.

  1. Choose a High Converting Affiliate Programme

There is nothing worse than putting all the hard work into sending high quality traffic to your Affiliate program and not seeing the results you expected. At WOW Trk, we pride ourselves on working with Advertisers that deliver a high conversion rate on their website. This gives you as a Publisher, increased earnings per click (EPC) when promoting Affiliate programs on our network. The better an Affiliate program converts, the more money you can make as an Affiliate.

There are lots of things that you can do to increase your Affiliate earnings, but learning the basics is a good place to start. Analysing your existing efforts is important to set a benchmark of what is currently happening, once you know this, you can work on improving different areas of your Affiliate strategy.

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