Lead Generation

What Is Lead Generation?

A ‘lead’ is generated when a website visitor expresses interest in a particular product or service. This could be in the form of a newsletter sign-up, or the exchange of personal details for other reasons, such as a service quote. There are a number of unique ways that leads can be collected, many advertisers create enticing offers to collect contact information. For example, a competition with an attractive prize, where a telephone number or Email address is required to enter.

Why Do Businesses Collect Leads?

Businesses collect leads for a variety of reasons. Often a lead is added to a mailing list and the consumer can be contacted at a later date, in the hope of further action being taken in the future, such as a sale. Some businesses collect leads to sell them on, however the majority of Advertisers are simply looking to increase their access to potential customers.

Where Do You Come In?

As an Affiliate focusing on lead generation, it’s your job to deliver leads on behalf of the Advertiser. In return you will receive a commission, typically paid per lead (CPL). The value of a lead is determined by the Advertiser and a commission is offered based on this. Some leads are easier to collect than others, such as a simple name and email address, whereas some require multiple fields of contact details. This is something that is also taken into consideration when deciding which ‘cost per lead’ opportunity to promote.

In most cases Affiliates can use a variety of different marketing methods to drive traffic to the Advertiser’s offer. This could include email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing to name just a few, however occasionally there are restrictions placed on certain offers.

It is important to deliver high quality leads to the Advertiser, so that leads are converted into customers further down the line. The better targeted a lead, the more chance the Advertiser has of converting this lead into a sale. Remember, the Advertiser is looking for the Affiliate to add value to their business, so they need to see this value reflected in the leads you are generating. For this reason, it is vital that the traffic you are driving to your website, or the prospects you are contacting on your mailing list, are interested in the types of products or services you are attempting to create leads for.

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