5 Tips to Succeeding With High Paying Affiliate Offers

Choosing to promote a high paying affiliate programme can be a very profitable decision. A high value sale offers a much higher return based on fewer transactions. But promoting high ticket offers with success can be more of a challenge than you think, you might not need to generate as many leads/sales as lower paying offers, but there is still a lot of effort needed in order to deliver them.


1. More Pre-Sell
A high value item will always require more of a pre-sell, this is simply because a customer will spend more time researching and considering a larger ticket item. Try to put yourselves in the shoes of the customer, if you were going to purchase an expensive piece of jewellery with a price tag of £1000, you would surely spend more time making that decision, compared to purchasing a £10 book. For this reason, give your visitors as much information about the product or service as you can and avoid trying to make a quick sale.

2. Support Your Visitors
For similar reasons as above you will need to offer more support to your visitors if you are promoting high value items, naturally they will have more questions and queries. They might require advice from someone who knows the brand, so they might contact you via social media or email. If you don’t provide a method of which to be contacted through, this means you are unable to assist potential customers and they are likely to find another website who can better assist them.

3. Quality Over Quantity
There are no quick wins when you’re promoting high ticket offers. You therefore, cannot put your focus on quantity of any sort, be that website traffic, social followers, or the number of pages on your website. Quality is where your focus should be, focus on getting high quality targeted traffic to your website, focus on building a really valuable and engaged social community rather than thousands of silent followers.

4. Long-term Strategy
A long-term strategy should always be your approach no matter what you’re promoting, but in this case, it should be the main focus. By long-term strategy, we mean adopting the attitude that your affiliate brand will be around for a long time, so you should build a good reputation by offering support even after a sale has been made. Your Reputation as an affiliate site might not be something you’ve considered before. However, having a good reputation sets you on the right tracks for future sales.

5. Refine Your Approach
Finally, learn from the things that are working and stop the things that aren’t. Don’t waste time and money on marketing channels that are not profitable, but equally don’t write off an avenue without giving it a good chance first. High paying affiliate offers are not easier to promote, they come with their own set of challenges like any other programme.

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