Why You’re Doing Affiliate Marketing Wrong

Affiliate marketing is open to anyone. Newbies, experienced marketers or existing business owners all have the ability to become successful affiliate marketers. It’s a very accessible method of making money; however, it’s not without its challenges. If things aren’t going well so far, here are three reasons why you might be doing affiliate marketing wrong.


You’re Not Promoting Relevant Programmes

This one is something a lot of newbies get wrong. It’s a waste of your efforts trying to push an unrelated brand on your website. If your blog or website is about saving money and finding the best online discounts, you need to promote offers that represent this. Trying to promote teeth whitening products, for example, would seem so out of place on a website like this. Unless of course you were listing a collection of discounted treatments. You wouldn’t visit a sports related website and expect to find advertisements for pet food.

You’re Trying to Promote Everything

Just as promoting irrelevant affiliate programs is damaging to your efforts, so is trying to push every single offer. Quantity over quality doesn’t seem to work for most things in life, affiliate marketing is certainly no different. If you focus on a few solid programs you can create more content around each brand. In doing so, you have more material to connect with potential customers and more opportunities to pre-sell.

You Have No Strategy

Going in blind is another common mistake new affiliates make. Successful affiliate marketers make a comfortable earning, top affiliates make even more. The thing that all of these people have in common is a plan, a strategy to move forward. A good strategy doesn’t have to be a fancy business plan. You simply need a starting point, a list of things that need to be achieved and a plan for how you are going to do this.

For example, part of the strategy might involve attracting new visitors through the use of social media. You will need to decide which social platforms to focus on and how much time each week you are going to commit to this marketing avenue.

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