How to Use Webinars Within Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy

A webinar is essentially a seminar or lesson that is held online. It can be as simple as a live video seminar, or it can be more interactive. There are two ways to utilise webinars within your affiliate marketing strategy. The first is using them as a resource to grow and develop your own skills. The second way is to host your very own webinar to assist with generating new leads. Let’s take a look at these two methods.

Gaining New Knowledge

Webinars are ideal for learning new things about the industry and gaining a wealth of new knowledge. The best thing about them is that lots of companies will host them, including the big players. Just a quick Google search will reveal a wide selection of upcoming webinars. Twitter, for example, holds webinars about their advertising platform and Hootsuite have one large social media webinar every year.

If you can’t get to a physical conference, webinars are the next best thing. Many of them allow you to interact and ask questions to a real person. This is often a priceless experience as it gives you an opportunity to develop and grow as an all-around marketer.

Hosting Your Own Webinar

If you yourself would like to host a webinar, this is a potential option too. This will only be appropriate for certain types of affiliate offers, mainly those in the business category. If you’re promoting a business opportunity, then holding a webinar would be a good way to get potential leads involved. For starters, here are 15 of the best webinar tools to consider.

Once you’ve chosen a platform, it’s time to brush-up on your knowledge. You need an in-depth knowledge of both the product/service you’re promoting and also the niche it’s in. You become the expert the minute that webinar starts. The attendees are expecting you to know a great deal, not just about the product, but the niche itself. You should only consider holding a webinar if you feel confident you have the knowledge in these areas.

One problem you might encounter is getting people to join the webinar in the first place. Let your social media followers know about it and email invitations to any list of prospects you have collected, as well as any friends or other connections who might be interested. You should make your webinar seem as though it’s a one-off opportunity, even if you plan to do another one further down the line.

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