How To Use Facebook Advertising Effectively as an Affiliate Marketer

Facebook advertising is rather tricky to navigate as an affiliate. If you search through the guidelines and advertising policies provided by Facebook, you won’t see anything mentioned in regards to affiliate links. It’s not listed in the prohibited or restricted content, however, many affiliates have found that linking directly to affiliate offers does not work. Facebook won’t approve adverts with affiliate links, even if they are cloaked or redirected. The best approach is to link to the content on your website and include your affiliate links here.

Indirectly Building Your Fan Base

A Facebook ‘page like’ advert is a campaign designed to generate more ‘likes’ for your business page. Sometimes, when this model is used alongside other ad types that encourage engagement, it can be effective. Other times, depending on the target audience it can be a costly process. As an affiliate marketer, the size of your social fan base is important for your online reputation. A better and more cost effective way to build page ‘likes’ is to promote the content you’re sharing to a relevant audience. Once the post itself has generated a number of ‘reactions’ you can manually invite all of these people to like your page. This is a time-consuming process, but the overall cost per new fan is far lower. You also have the added benefit of knowing that those new fans are interested in the content being shared.

Promote Facebook Video Content

Video content is the best type of media to share on a social network. It’s easy digestible for the viewer and there is no better way to get your message across. If you review videos, or you’ve made any other type of affiliate based video, uploading it directly to Facebook and pushing it out as an ad could be an effective way to generate more commissions.

Lead Capture

Facebook’s lead capture advert is relatively new feature which launched towards the end of 2015. It’s ideal if you’re an email based affiliate marketer looking to collect email addresses to market to later. The cost per lead can be high, so you need to work out the value of a new lead first. Try targeting different audiences to find which one gives you the most affordable results. Lead capture adverts are not for everyone and you might find that this model is not cost- effective if you promote lower commission offers.

Don’t forget, once you’ve collected a number of contacts, you then need to convert them with your email campaigns. This is when you know the true value of the leads you’ve collected on Facebook.

The Facebook advertising platform is very versatile. You can do so much in terms of targeting audiences and delivering different objectives. If you’ve not tried any simple ads yet, give it a go!

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