Are you emailing the correct email address?

In May 2018, we updated the contact email addresses for account managers on the WOW TRK website. Due to the UK leaving the EU in March this year we may no longer be able to retain the rights to the domain name.

Due to this, we made changes to start using the domain name for our account manager email addresses in late May last year. Any emails sent to the domain were automatically forwarded to the equivalent email address.

As we are now fast approaching the date that the UK leaves the European Union (29th March) we are making changes to ensure everyone is aware that any email address using may no longer work.

What does this mean and what should I do?

From the 1st of February we will no longer be forwarding emails sent to on to We will instead send out an auto-reply stating that the email address is no longer in service and to remind you to email the equivalent email address. From the 29th March it is possible we may no longer have the domain name and therefore we will no longer be able to send out reminders after this date.

To avoid delays in your emails being replied to (or lost) we recommend you update your records as soon as possible and delete any email addresses you have in your contact book on your email client.

This of course does not affect any email address you contact at the domain name (for example our general customer support email [email protected]).

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