Introduction To Tracking – Why You Need To Track Your Affiliate Links

As an affiliate marketer your main aim is to increase your commission and make lots of money! In order to achieve this it’s likely you will begin promoting offers using a range of methods, such as social media, email, and content marketing. The key to increasing your conversions is to understand exactly which promotional methods are giving you the best return on your investment. It’s impossible to know this without tracking different sources. So this guide aims to assist you with setting up some basic reporting based on traffic source. If you are unsure on how affiliate tracking works, this guide gives an excellent explanation of this.

Sub IDs

Most affiliate networks allow you to add something called a ‘sub ID’ to your tracking link. A sub ID allows you to create customised links that can be used for different traffic sources. For example, if you want to track conversions from your email marketing campaigns, you can add a sub ID such as ‘email’ on to the end of your tracking link and then use this link for your email promotions. If you are promoting the same campaign on Facebook, you can add a sub ID such as ‘FB’ or ‘facebook’ on to the end of the link and use this link when promoting on your Facebook page.

Affiliate networks and programs powered by the TUNE platform makes this very simple for you. When you click on an offer to grab the tracking link, you will see some options underneath to customise it. Choose the ‘add sub IDs’ option and you will see there is space to add up to five sub IDs into any one link.

Tracking Section on Offer Page within the Affiliate Interface
The above is an example screenshot of the TUNE interface. A common platform used by networks and programs.


When you login to your affiliate account and view your reports, you will be able to filter them based on the various sub ID’s you have created. This will let you see which of your marketing methods are delivering the best results, allowing you to refine your approach and earn even more commission. Adding further sub IDs into a link means you could even track very specific things, such as one specific email, one specific blog post, or one specific social media post.

If you’re not already using customisable tracking links, we strongly recommend you do so, especially if you are unsure exactly where your conversions are coming from.


Along with tracking your affiliate links, you can also use tools to monitor your affiliate links to ensure they remain working at all times.

Some networks may monitor their affiliate campaigns for errors for example 404 error messages, however many do not. If an affiliate campaign has downtime this is lost revenue for you! Utilising tools to track and monitor your affiliate links means you can identify when links are not working and ask the network or program for compensation if it is a fault of theirs or the advertisers.

Tools like Trackier, allows mobile Advertisers, Affiliates, Ad & Affiliate Networks, and Ad verification systems to view, monitor and validate online media activities through different devices and using mobile carriers worldwide.

Trackier is the Best Performance Marketing Software utilized by ad agencies, ad networks, and professional advertisers to help them manage their relationships and communication with their publishers. The software is highly customizable to address unique business needs and requirements.

It comes with a myriad of smart and innovative features designed to build, automate, analyze, and optimize their marketing Campaigns. These features include fraud detection, real-time KPIs, smart link monetization functionality, and over 100 AdNetwork integrations.

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