Top Affiliate Marketing Events to Attend in 2018

If you want affiliate marketing to become more than a side gig, you need to put the work in. The networks you build can not only help you learn how to make your website and marketing channels all the more effective. They can form the business partnerships that take your business to the next level. Face-to-face is always more effective than networking online or on the phone, only, so here we’re going to look at some of the events that can help you take the next step.

Affiliate World Europe

The Affiliate World “family” of conferences are some of the most impressive gatherings in the industry, offering lots of networking potential. Affiliate World Europe takes place in Barcelona from 18-20 July. Run by the team at the STM Forum, the reputation for valuable discourse over paid traffic in all forms including native, mobile, Facebook, in-app, search and more makes it a great resource for those looking to branch out their affiliate marketing strategy. While some other events are built to pair affiliate marketers and their associated businesses together, Affiliate World is all about those in the industry. Learn from some of your most profitable contemporaries, getting to the meat and bones of what makes a successful affiliate strategy

Affiliate Summit East

Meanwhile, over in New York from 29-31 July, Affiliate Summit East becomes the place to be for those looking to make the connections that will help them find new sources of revenue. Like Affiliate World, there are plenty of education sessions and in-depth talks covering some of the latest marketing trends and plenty of advice from more seasoned affiliate marketers. Affiliate Summit also attracts a lot of vendors, merchants, and businesses who are ever looking for the next partner in their own marketing strategy.


Another of the biggest digital conferences, Dmexco frequently gathers over a thousand sponsors and exhibitors, as well as tens of thousands of guests. This year, it’s in Cologne on 12-13 September. Attracting a wide audience of advertisers and digital service providers from across the globe, including talks in the past from industry giants such as Google, Rakuten and Shazam, Dmexco might not be an affiliate marketing specific conference. However, it is one of the best places to take the data learned from the digital industry as a whole.

Content Marketing Conference

Content marketing is at the core of many an affiliate’s strategies. Your effectiveness is in large part down to how valuable you make your content and how you can better disseminate it. In Boston, from 2-4 of March, the Content Marketing Conference is looking at how the field is changing. There are plenty of highly-valuable talks on how to create content that engages and how to best use it.

Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

The iGB affiliate conference has branched out to three locations with this one taking place in Amsterdam, as you might have guessed. From 17th-20th of July, this is an event for advertisers and affiliates, though there tend to be more of the former there. As such, it makes for a great place to market with some potential partners from all corners of both the European and international markets. As the event seems to only be growing further, we expect even more delegates from a multitude of businesses. At Amsterdam alone, there’s set to be 40 sessions spread over 4 conference rooms with a focus on SEO, acquisitions, and specific fields of the market such as sports betting, finance, and more.

Influencer Marketing Days

Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are two very closely linked industries, with the lines between the two often blurred or indistinguishable. It’s a great event for affiliates and influencers to meet with the companies who are looking to partner with them to increase their online clout. This conference also focuses more on talks and advice from successful individuals in the industry that can help you build up your clout as an influencer. Many of them are designed to help you gain the brand and the reach that is your ticket to attracting more partners looking for the leverage that you can offer.

There is always more you can be doing to help your business reach its full potential. The knowledge and the connections you can build at the right affiliate marketing conferences can be a big part of that. It’s a growing industry, so more stand-out opportunities might appear in the years to come, but for 2018, these are the events you want to keep an eye on.

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