Top 10 Tips For Using WOW Trk As An Affiliate Network

Are you looking for affiliate marketing tips to help boost the number of clicks and conversions that you receive? Do you want to increase the amount of money that you earn each month from WOW Trk? Here are ten affiliate marketing tips that are sure to make you a much more effective Internet marketer.

1. Use the WOW Trk WordPress plugin to automatically insert and rotate through relevant banners on your website. This makes it so much easier to optimise the best performing banners and to geotarget the ads to fit the user.

2. Check the “New Offers” section of the WOW Trk affiliate dashboard on a regular basis to stay on top of the newest affiliate programs added to the network. Get that traffic before anyone else.

3. Keep cognizant of any expiring offers that you may be running through your website or other promotional materials. You wouldn’t want to send traffic to a landing page that no longer pays.

4. Be sure to preview the landing page of any offer you would like to promote so that you can best describe and position it in front of your audience.


5. Make more money with the WOW Trk affiliate program. You earn a 3% lifetime commission from all the revenue that your referrals generate through the network.

6. Leverage A/B split testing methods to determine which banners, placements and other variables result in the highest number of clicks and conversions. Check your statistics regularly and adjust your campaign accordingly.

7. Install the WOW Trk Chrome extension to make it really fast and easy for you to see your earnings for today, yesterday, this month and last month. It is also available for Firefox.

8. Dig deeper through your reports by using the plentiful report options and report filters. You can filter by goals, categories, sub IDs, IP addresses and more. It’s really robust!

9. Tap into the guidance and expertise of your assigned account manager. The contact information can be found along the left sidebar of the dashboard, providing you with a phone number, email address and Skype username. If you don’t see an offer you’d like to promote or you’d like to request additional materials, don’t hesitate to ask!

10. Dare to step outside your comfort zone. Perhaps you have the most experience within the travel vertical, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with other categories like forex and dating. They can be incredibly lucrative and you just might surprise yourself with how well you do.

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