Tips on How to Get Accepted into Affiliate Networks

The fact that you’ll need to be accepted as an affiliate may seem strange, but networks and advertisers want to be represented by the right people and the risk of having affiliates breaching the terms of service cannot be ignored.

Here are four ways to ensure that you are seen as an affiliate worthy of being part of a network or advertiser affiliate program.

#1. Provide And Verify All Details

If you cannot be bothered to answer all questions during the application process with 100% accuracy, the company will instantly have doubts about your commitment. From providing your full contact details to verifying email addresses and phone numbers, those steps show that you are serious about joining the program.

Apart from actively boosting your hopes of acceptance, this can save time in the long run as the affiliate marketing team won’t need to send follow-up questions. In turn, this allows you to start plotting your strategy far sooner and start seeing results ASAP.

#2. Provide Insight Into Your Traffic

When you’re new to affiliate marketing, you may worry that a lack of traffic will prevent you from gaining acceptance as an affiliate. While strong traffic figures will certainly boost your chances, not least with your hopes of gaining leads, this isn’t the only element that you’ll be judged on. Being honest gives the affiliate team greater insight and can be used to provide future guidance.

Ensure any information you do provide for example information about your website is fully working. Don’t provide a website URL that no longer works or has a page saying ‘coming soon’ on it.

If possible, provide insight into how traffic figures have grown is very useful while social media following figures may also help. If you still fear that your application may be rejected due to low traffic or website quality, try reaching out to the network to discuss this.

#3. Show Your Passion

Passion is a key attribute in the affiliate marketing game as consumers won’t be won over if you have a lack of enthusiasm or knowledge. Showing the affiliate team that you have chosen their specific products for a reason should give you a better chance of acceptance. Those that are deemed to have just tried applying to every possible network may get rejected.

Be proactive by showing the network that you have genuine plans of how to attract sales on their behalf. Whether it’s pinpointing products and special offers to planning potential blog posts or positioning for adverts and links, those steps can work wonders.

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