The 5 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

When you first start entering the world of affiliate marketing, it’s very easy to fall into some common traps. There is so much information out there and unfortunately not all of it is correct, which can often lead affiliate’s down a dangerous path. In this article we aim to highlight 5 of the most common affiliate marketing mistakes, in order to help new affiliates avoid them.

Buying Poor Quality/Irrelevant Traffic

Paying for traffic to try and increase your conversions is the worst thing that an affiliate can do. Paying to send traffic to your website results in extremely low quality traffic that will not convert into leads. This type of traffic from various paid sources, will not do you any favours with the search engines either. You are likely to be penalised by google, losing any rankings you have worked to gain.

Purchasing an Email List 

Purchasing an email list has a similar result to paid traffic; the quality of those email prospects will not convert into leads or sales, those that do are likely to be fraudulent. Companies selling data will convince you that they are selling you targeted active email contacts, but building up your own list of opted-in prospects is a much better investment of your time and money.

Lack of Research

Choosing a brand to promote is an important decision, as an affiliate you want to make sure it’s a good offer that’s likely to draw in the interest and convert well. However it’s up to you as the affiliate to drive the initial interest, pre-sell and convince your visitors, audience or followers that this particular offer is worth checking out. This is near impossible to do, unless you have researched the product or service that you are promoting. A lack of research is one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes we see.

Creating a Website and Leaving It

Unfortunately a common misconception of affiliate marketing, is that you can simply create a nice looking website, add various affiliate banners and links, then leave the website to bring in the commission. This could not be further from the truth, success in affiliate marketing does not come easily, it requires hard work and further marketing efforts to generate a satisfactory level of commission. Making that first affiliate sale, or generating the first lead is the most difficult step.

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the odd rule here or there might not seem like a big deal, but a lot of new affiliate’s find themselves banned from networks very quickly when they start testing the waters. Typical examples include completing offers themselves or attempting to send other forms of fraudulent leads every now and then, expecting them to go unnoticed. Breaking the rules to any degree is the quickest way to get permanently banned from a network, limiting your success and potential as an affiliate marketer.

As long as you are research and understand exactly what you are promoting, keep your website full of fresh content and don’t break any network rules, or purchase anything that seems to good to be true, you should soon find success in affiliate marketing.

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2 thoughts on “The 5 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes”

  1. Indeed a great post about internet marketing mistakes.

    I am glad that you have covered the major internet marketing mistakes which almost every internet marketers do.

    Internet marketing is the best way of making money online and the best part about it is, It allow internet marketers to earn with few but potential visitors. We don’t need huge amount of traffic to earn. We only need 10 targeted visitors who can purchase the product.

    The most common mistake which internet marketers make is, they promote so many products at once without having any experience with them.

    To earn more, internet marketers pick every high paying product and start promoting them but don’t get any sales from them because they don’t focus on each product correctly that’s why they are unable to makes sales.

    Every successful internet marketer suggest to promote only those products which you have personally used.

    I would like to thank you for sharing such a great piece of content. 😀

  2. Very Well Explained article about how Affiliate Program Actually works.From my point of view Affiliate Programs are helps in making money easily.There are lot options are available for doing affiliate marketing,Travel Affiliate marketing is one the most profitable business..


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