The 5 Best Apps To View Website Traffic

If you run a business or you’re a blogger or social influencer, it’s hugely beneficial to have access to apps and platforms that measure how well your website is performing. To succeed, you need consumers or readers to be able to find your website and to make a decision to spend time reading the content you produce once they get there. Analytics programmes and platforms that enable you to view traffic statistics give you an insight into how visible your website is, how you’re generating leads and what people are doing once they reach the site. If you’re keen to keep an eye on the flow of traffic to your website, here are 5 apps you may wish to try.

Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics is the outright market leader. This free analytics tool is used by individuals and businesses of all sizes to monitor traffic and analyse data related to personal and corporate sites. If you’re keen to know how many visitors you’re getting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, Google Analytics will provide you with this information at the touch of a button, but it offers so much more. Google Analytics is far from just a virtual traffic warden. With this app, you can use data that gives you a detailed picture of how customers use your website, how they find your links and how well your site is performing. This information provides valuable information about the customer, and it also enables you to identify potential issues that could be affecting sales or traffic flow. As well as giving you access to a whole host of facts and figures, graphs, tables and charts, Google Analytics is also designed for action, and it’s compatible with an array of other Google products that aim to promote businesses and drive sales. Examples include AdWords and AdMob. If you’re looking for an affordable, accessible, comprehensive app, which is proven to perform, you can’t go wrong with Google Analytics.

Matomo logo

Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is a functional, accessible app, which provides you with all the tracking information you need on the go. Increasingly, we find ourselves working remotely and maintaining contact with the world via a phone. If you’re trying to monitor web traffic or identify trends, which could boost your business or the profile of your blog, it’s incredibly useful to have access to this information when you’re on the move. With the Matomo app, you can look at reports, charts and real-time numbers without opening a browser or surfing the net. You’ve got everything that’s available on the desktop on your home screen. The Matomo app is free, it’s available in 50 different languages, and you can customise the dashboard to ensure you can find the most important data as soon as you open the app. The data updates in real time, and you can use features, such as goal conversion tracking, to optimise performance.

Woopra logo

Woopra is an app that sells entrepreneurs and bloggers the opportunity to see a website through the eyes of their customer. The app gives you the opportunity to create customer profiles, but perhaps the most valuable tool is the analytics suite, which provides an insight into the consumer journey, web traffic and trends. The aim is to use numbers to answer questions like ‘who is visiting the site?’, ‘what are visitors doing on the site?’ and ‘how can I improve my website? You can use the data to create tailored reports and you can also link the data to outcomes, for example, how many people visit the site compared to how many purchases are made. Woopra also offers an automation service, which enables you to connect behaviour with real-time automated actions, such as sending an email to a customer who has an item in their basket, but doesn’t complete the purchase.

Jetpack logo

If you use WordPress, Jetpack is a really useful free tool, which is easy to download and operate. Jetpack is compatible with Google Analytics and it gives you the option to analyse real-time data from a phone or tablet. The traffic tool is automatically set as the curtain raiser when you open the app, so you can see how traffic is moving and how many visitors your site is attracting immediately. If you know what’s normal, you’ll be able to spot potential issues rapidly, for example, if there’s a sudden drop in numbers. The analytics tools provided by Jet Pack also enable you to gauge the popularity and success of new marketing or sales campaigns, social media sharing and web engagement. If there’s a steady decline in traffic, this may indicate that it’s time to refresh the content you’re producing or try new types of content. As a WordPress user, you can also use advanced settings to learn more about the efficacy of your content by accessing the Site Stats tab. This gives you a detailed breakdown of your traffic chart, enabling you to see where traffic is coming from, when your site is busiest and which posts and pages are most popular.

Hitchecker logo

HitChecker is an all-rounder, which enables you to take a look at website traffic and monitor the success of social media and online marketing techniques when you’re out and about. This app provides a broad spectrum of data, including real-time reports. You can switch between daily, weekly and monthly reports within seconds and you can also customise your dashboard to ensure you have instant access to the tools you use most frequently. The interface is accessible and easy to navigate and you can use the data provided to observe traffic and make improvements to online marketing campaigns. HitChecker is compatible with Google, WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla.

If you’re eager to promote your website and ensure it plays an effective role in driving your business or blog forward, it’s incredibly useful to have access to analytic tools. With these intuitive apps, you can monitor performance and progress on the go to achieve optimum results with minimal hassle.

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