Split Testing Your Website To Increase Conversion


If you own and run a website, you should constantly aim to increase conversion rates and learn more about your audience. This is one of the best ways to ensure your site is always growing and improving.

Split testing or A/B testing will allow you to achieve both of those things without the need for excessive commitment or any in depth technical knowledge. It’s a brilliant technique that’s somewhat overlooked by many site owners, but with the right approach, it can be used to achieve great success. We all know how significant customer insight can be to prosperity in this game, so it’s surprising more savvy business people like yourselves aren’t already using it.

So, What Is Split Testing?

Good question! Basically, split testing involves showing two groups of people different versions of the same website to find out which produces the most desirable effects. For example; may have a new layout, and you want to find out whether it will alter your conversion rate. All you do is show one version to ½ of all the visitors to your site, and then the new layout to the other ½. After checking the conversions achieved each time, you compare the results to work out which are more favourable.

Can I Use More Than Two Different Versions?

Yes you can. This is a slightly more complex form of the test we refer to as A/B/N. With the same basic principle as before, you run multiple different versions of your site. Your traffic on a test with 4 pages would then be divided so each different option receives ¼ of the page traffic, etc.

Why Bother Split Testing?

You could have millions of visitors landing on your website every single day, but if you have a terrible conversion rate, you’ll be missing out on a shed load of potential earnings. All affiliates should split test as often as possible, as this can be done for no expense with online tools that are available for all to use. In fact, you’d be a fool not to do it.

Does This Really Increase Conversion Rates?

Definitely. If you analyse your results properly and use that information to improve the aesthetics of your website time and time again, you’ll soon achieve a much better rate, and thousands more visitors. You just have to learn to set your own personal opinions to one side and alter your designs based on the analytics.

Have You Got Any More Tips?

Firstly, it’s worth starting out with big changes to your site because this should allow you to see a significant difference in conversion rates. And secondly, always try to test the pages that receive the most traffic, as the more people landing on those pages, the quicker it can be performed.

Now you know a little bit about the basics of split testing, you should be able to start learning more about your traffic instantly. Hopefully, this will lead to increased earnings and more satisfied visitors. At the end of the day, everyone want’s to achieve their full potential, right?


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