Smart Link tool is being retired


This blog post relates to the WOW TRK affiliate network which closed in 2020. This blog post remains to preserve some history of the affiliate network.

The information in this blog post may be incorrect or no longer relevant.

Back in 2017 we launched a new tool for Affiliates due to requests we had to bring a Smart Link tool to WOW TRK, similar to what other networks were offering. We spent a lot of time in development for this tool to put our unique spin on it, this meant whilst we launched it in 2017 we had requests from affiliates years before.

Due to this we probably missed the peak of a tool like this being used and since we first launched it back in 2017 we have seen little use of the tool by Affiliates.

So this year we have decided maintaining the tool just isn’t worth the time and cost. We have made the hard decision to retire the tool for Affiliates. From today Affiliates will no longer be able to generate new Smart Links to use to promote WOW TRK offers.

What did Smart Link do?

Smart Link was a tool that let you generate a single link that would redirect to different offers each time it was clicked depending on how you setup the Smart Link would depend how often and which offers the users would see.

When should I stop using Smart Link?

From today you can no longer generate new Smart Links to use to promote a group of WOW TRK offers using a single link. Existing links will continue to work until the 30th November. We however recommend that you take down any Smart Links as soon as possible to avoid any traffic/revenue being lost after the 30th November.

What can I use instead?

We don’t have anything exactly like the Smart Link tool which lets you use a single link to be redirected to different offers, we do have Banner Rotators however, which you can use, including a WordPress plugin which lets you easily setup a banner ad that rotates between different offers, you can also set this up to optimise based on certain performance metrics.

Whilst it is a shame to see all the hard work of the development of this tool be retired from the network, it does mean it frees up resources to be better spent on things like the Offer Feeds tool and other key integral parts of the network.

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