How to Preview Geotargeted Offers Outside Your Region

Many of the offers that you find here on WOW Trk are open to users from most parts of the world. That’s why we’re proud to call ourselves an international affiliate network. However, there are certainly several affiliate offers that are being targeted to specific geographic regions as the advertisers are looking for more of a specific demographic.

Some affiliates may then assume that they can only run global offers or offers that are available in their particularly region, but this simply is not the case. All affiliates can run all offers. Part of the challenge, though, is that affiliates in the United States may not be able to preview or see the landing pages for offers targeted at Europe, the UK, or other parts of the world. This can make it more challenging to suitably promote the offers. Thankfully, there are a few very easy ways to get around this problem.

Free Browser-Based Previews

To see what a particular website or webpage would look like if loaded from another region, you can use one of the several free online tools.

One example is Geopeeker. By simply inputting the URL, you are presented with scrollable screenshots of that webpage loaded from six different international locations, including the United States, Australia, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.


Another free service is called WebPageTest. One key advantage that this service has over Geopeeker is the larger range of test locations, spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, as well as the ability to view the tested site in different browsers. However, the resulting screenshots are not scrollable.

VPNs and Proxy Tools

While the two free tools listed above can provide basic functionality for viewing landing pages and other websites from other regions, they can also be very limiting. For a more robust experience, a paid proxy server or VPN service may be a worthwhile investment.

There are several companies that offer this kind of service at varying price levels. Some of the most popular include Unotelly, HideMyAss and GeoEdge. Check their respective sites for pricing plan information.

With these services, you can select from different servers around the world. This allows you to truly experience the Internet as if you were physically located somewhere else. This is a great way to test your affiliate marketing tactics for different geotargeted offers.

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