Platform Update – What has changed since we launched

The new WOW TRK platform launched back in late November, on the day we announced the closure of the Affiliate network side of WOW TRK. Since the launch of the new platform we have seen a huge increase in traffic to the WOW TRK website from affiliates, networks and advertisers looking to utilise the new platform.

Whilst we anticipated a traffic spike initially due to the announcements from existing affiliates and advertisers looking to find out what was happening with the changes, we didn’t expect the traffic to stay increased more than a few weeks.

Over the past few weeks we have looked to optimise the backend of the site to improve performance for users of the site. This has involved making server upgrades and also further utilising caching. Next up we are also looking into improving the speed of search on the Offer Engine, whilst it currently works fine, we want to offer a faster experience for affiliates!

The traffic spikes caused some serious issues with the listing submission process which did mean that many networks and programs that tried to submit their listings failed to do so. We want to apologise if anyone tried to submit a listing and this failed. We can confirm this is now working correctly and you can once again submit a network listing and an event listing.

New network integrations on the Offer Engine

Since we launched the Offer Engine we have integrated several new networks into the tool for Affiliates. Some of the new networks to be integrated since we launched are:

Is there a network you would love to see integrated on the WOW TRK Offer Engine? Tweet us who you would like to see integrated. If you are a from network and would like to be integrated please reach out to us to discuss.

Site Improvements

Since the launch we have taken feedback on board from affiliates and advertisers on how we can make the WOW TRK experience even better. We recently made improvements to Offers pages.

Now when viewing an Offer from the Offer Engine you can:

  • Quickly view the offer on the Network’s site by following the link next to “Existing Affiliate” this will deep link you straight to the offer on the Network’s platform (the network may require you to login first).
  • Quickly go to a list of all Offers from that network by clicking the link “View all offers from Network” at the bottom of the page.

If you have any suggestions for improvements across the site, for example if you would like to see a new specific filter for the Offer Engine or more information on Network listings, please let us know. We listen and consider all feedback we receive.

What is coming up?

We have lots of existing features planned for the WOW TRK platform over the coming months. We will also be regularly updating the blog with useful guides, tips and free tools (from the WOW TRK team) to help assist with affiliate marketing journey.

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