Offer Restrictions Explained

I decided it was a good idea to put a blog post together explaining common offer restrictions.

Below are our most common offer restrictions and what they mean, so that you can ensure you are following the marketing rules of a specific offer on WOW Trk.

No Incentives
Offering a visitor some kind of incentive/reward or cash for completing a conversion on an offer.

No Content Locking
Forcing a visitor to complete a conversion on an offer or offers to view the content.

No SMS Marketing
No promoting the offer via text message/SMS.

No Social Media
No promotion on any kind of social media website, this includes Social Media PPC and Social Media pages, followers, fans etc.

No promotion on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, 7Search or any kind of Pay Per Click platform.

No Brand Bidding
Bidding on keywords to do with the brand name/product name is not allowed.

No Direct Linking
You can not link directly to the offer, you must create a page/website which links to the offer.

No Networks
This means if you operate an affiliate network or affiliate agency platform the offer can not be run on your affiliate network or platform. You can not have Affiliates below you promoting the offer via yourself.

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