Offer Feeds are ending on the network


This blog post relates to the WOW TRK affiliate network which closed in 2020. This blog post remains to preserve some history of the affiliate network.

The information in this blog post may be incorrect or no longer relevant.

In 2013 we launched a unique tool on the network – Offer Feeds. Offer Feeds was an easy way to display a feed of offers, similar to an offer wall but with our unique spin, on your website.

Now in 2019 usage of the Offer Feeds tool has decreased and due to this the cost to maintain this tool is too high for us to continue offering it.

Earlier this month we stopped Affiliates from creating new Offer Feeds and today we are announcing when existing Offer Feeds will stop working.

Affiliates that have sent conversions via the Offer Feed in 2019 have already been emailed directly so they are aware of the Offer Feeds closure.

When will Offer Feeds stop working?

Offer Feeds will no longer be supported after the 31st December 2019, shortly after this date Offer Feeds will start to be turned off. We however recommend that you take down any Offer Feeds as soon as possible to avoid any traffic/revenue being lost after the 31st December.

What can I use instead?

Whilst it requires more technical work you could integrate with our API and pull the offer data directly from your account. There are WordPress plugins that make it easy to integrate with our API to pull offer data, plugins like WP All Import. If you are interested in importing offer data via API to WordPress and unsure how to do this, let us know, we may look at writing a tutorial on the blog if there is enough demand for this.

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