Make Money As An Affiliate Using Social Media

Social media can be used to either support affiliate promotions running on your website, or even to replace the need for a website. Many social media influencers operate only on the platforms they are popular on, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Product Reviews

If you are a popular figure or brand on social media, you probably know by now just how influential your voice is. People listen and respect your opinion, so referring your favourite products, websites or apps is a great way to monetise your audience. If you’ve tried and tested something, you’ll be able to provide an honest and helpful review to a prospective buyer. Each time one of your followers takes an action based on your review, you will receive a commission.

Use Video

Shooting a video can be as simple as filming a short clip on your mobile. Sitting in front of a camera and connecting with your audience builds trust and creates more of a relationship between you and your social following. Why is this important? Buyer trust generates higher earnings for you as an affiliate. Try to choose offers that represent who you are as a brand, even if that’s your personal brand. Don’t let your desire to make money impact what you stand for and represent. In the long term, these things will make you a more successful influencer.

Keep the Variety

Just because you can post affiliate offers every day, or multiple times throughout the day, does not mean you should. No one likes to be sold to constantly. Remember why and how you gained those followers in the first place. Keep a good mix of posts and choose quality affiliate offers over quantity when it comes to promotions.

Focus on Audience Growth

If you’re not yet an influential figure, but you’d like to build a social presence to support other promotions, focus on audience growth first. Ideally, invest a small budget into audience growth. Whether that’s Facebook/Instagram advertising, or simply Twitter growth tools like crowdfire. As you continue to grow your following, your earnings will rise in relation to this. However, remember that a smaller more engaged audience is better than a large disconnected one.

Finally, if you’re interested in promoting affiliate offers via social media, get in touch with your Affiliate Manager. We can help you find the best offers to promote that with your audience and work well for social.

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