Last Week at Internet World

WOW Trk goes to Internet World!

Yes we did!

On Monday 16th June, WOW Trk set off to do our first ever exhibition!

Once we arrived we headed to ExCeL LONDON where Internet World was held, to set-up our media and make our booth look great!

IMG_20140617_140635 IMG_20140619_102154

We exhibited at Internet World for a long and tiring 3 days! (Trust me standing on your feet for hours on end starts to take it’s toll after a while!)

Here’s the team starting from the left – Alick, Heather, Mason, Matt and Reece!


There was thousands of people that attended so we were very busy, we met some awesome clients and spoke with many people from a whole range of companies!


Here is our booth, as we got ready for the days networking, we also made a new friend called Spicerex, and of course we loved him because he was orange. (Notice Heather with the photo bomb)

IMG_20140617_120422 IMG_20140617_124931

After the 3 days we left London with a Nandos and 5 pairs of aching legs. Cheers!



  • Would you exhibit again?

We found exhibiting was fun and beneficial, we would consider exhibiting again.

  • If you exhibited again, what would you do to improve the experience?

Definitely bring some comfier shoes!

  • On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love blue and orange?


If you attended Internet World, we hope you enjoyed it!

You can keep up to date on WOW Trk’s travels by following our instagram:


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