5 Tips for Improving Your Homepage

Every business should have a website in this day and age. A website is crucial for your business and its digital marketing efforts. Because of how important it is, you always want it to be neat, attractive, professional-looking, and inviting. This means ensuring it never feels or looks outdated to your visitors. Here are some simple ways you can improve your website’s homepage.

Add Some Whitespace

You might think that every piece of your homepage’s real estate should be used to advertise or talk about your business and its products and services. While this is how things used to be in the past, research has shown that white space is essential for legibility.

Websites that do not make good use of whitespace look too busy, and this puts people off. It also makes people not focus on any other element apart from the text. Lastly, large blocks of text or images that are not broken up by white text are tiring to look at.

Add Calls to Action

When designing the homepage and adding content to it, you should always ask yourself what actions you want visitors to take. Calls to action help you direct people to take the actions you want them to. A good example is a business that wants people to sign up for a newsletter. Adding a prominent form with a large call-to-action button that has a bright background can catch people’s attention and increase sign-ups.

Buttons that say, “read more,” “shop now,” “add to card,” “contact us,” and “subscribe” are additional examples of calls to action.


Revamp and Refresh Your Content

It is a good idea to set a monthly schedule to refresh the content on your homepage. When doing this, you should check to ensure that the content is still relevant for today’s audiences. If you have a product list on there, ensure there are no products that are out of season because your visitors will notice and think you do not care.

If your homepage mainly contains written content, it is a good idea to also go through the content once in a while to try to make it more impactful. Perhaps you have achieved something or something new has happened, and you want to let people know about it. Add it to your homepage!

When doing so, it is always best to use the right vocabulary that helps you capture exactly what you are trying to say. There are lots of online tools like unscramble.me that can help you improve your vocabulary so that you know the exact words to use on your homepage’s copy for the best results.

Improve Your Website’s Speed

Although your website’s speed affects your whole website, it benefits your homepage a lot more because a significant number of people will find your homepage first. No one wants to wait more than a few seconds for a website to load any more.

A load time of more than three seconds means you start losing visitors and potential customers quickly. You can use various tools to know how long it takes for your website to load (including this tool). Once you have this number, you can start optimizing your website’s loading speed

Improving your website’s speed will also help improve the user experience, which will improve your SEO.

Make Your Hyperlinks Stand Out

The two main types of links on your website are buttons and traditional links. Buttons are pretty obvious to see, but links need a bit of work. Hyperlink differentiation entails using user expectations to direct their actions.

People expect links to be blue and underlined. Styling your links like this increases the chance someone will click them. For additional visibility, ensure the anchor contains as many words as possible.

Improving your homepage is crucial if you want your website to keep producing great results for you. Making things lighter and faster, more obvious to visitors, and more helpful are all great ways of doing this.

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