How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing In Competitive Niches

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more competitive, with some niches being much more difficult to navigate than others. So how can you succeed within these competitive niches? How can you gain an edge and make sure you’re getting your fair share of the market?

Choose the Best Affiliate Program

The first thing to consider is the affiliate program you are going to choose within that niche. Try to find the average EPC (earnings per click) from each program, a higher EPC usually means a combination of a high commission and a high conversion rate for that particular offer. Other areas to consider are the types of promotion the offer allows; don’t choose an offer that limits you to only one type of promotion, e.g display only. The best way to earn the most commission from a program is through a variety of methods, social media, email marketing, content/display, PPC etc.

Finally, visit the merchant website for each offer and decide which ones you like the look of and which ones might work the best for your audience.

Choose the Best Affiliate Network

You might also discover that an affiliate program is available to promote on more than one network, it’s not always the case, but it does happen depending on the brand. You need to ensure the offer you’re promoting is on the best affiliate network. A network that is going to offer you the highest commission, as well as a network that can offer you great support.

At WOW Trk for example, we offer many affiliate tools to help affiliates earn more commission, something that you won’t find on other networks. Choosing a supportive affiliate network is just as important as the affiliate program itself.

Competitor Analysis

Carry out a simple competitor analysis, this involves finding out who your main competitors are within that niche. Once this has been established you can make some simple comparisons to ensure you are on track to success. It’s really helpful to take some inspiration from competing affiliates, as long as you don’t copy their model. You need something unique to stand out, so play to your strengths.

Finally, make sure you know the brand you’re promoting better than anyone else. Become knowledgeable about the niche and try to learn the ins and outs of the product or service, so that you are able to write high quality, informative content about the offer. Don’t underestimate the power of knowledge, in the long run it gives you and your website more authority.

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