How To Make Money As An Affiliate In Just One Hour Per Day


Ever heard the saying “you get as much out of something as you put in” ? Although this is true when it comes to affiliate marketing, not everyone is looking for a full-time income through this method. Many people are simply trying to make extra money online, to top up their monthly salary, or save for something substantial. It’s very possible to make extra money as an affiliate, in as little as just one hour per day. Here are our top tips for streamlining your affiliate efforts.

Create a Plan
This sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s amazing how often we start a project without even a rough plan of action. If you know you only have one hour spare each day, then create a to-do list at the start of the week and spread out your tasks evenly across each day. Organisation is the key to better time management.

Focus on Highest Converting Offers
Don’t waste your time promoting offers that don’t convert. Your affiliate network should be able to provide information about the conversion rate of each offer. A good quality affiliate network will be selective as to the type of advertisers they approve on to their platform. Joining an affiliate network with a strong reputation for quality is half the battle.

Correct Mistakes Early on
If you’ve decided to try a new promotional method and you’re not seeing a return on it after a few days, change it, improve it, or move on to another method. You will find that not every avenue will work for every offer. Some offers might convert really well through email, others work better on social media and some will bloom as part of a content marketing strategy, Learn what works and correct the things that don’t!

Use Helpful Tools
Try to use free tools that automate the mundane daily tasks you need to do. Here at the WOW Trk network we have built some unique tools for our affiliates, to help make life simpler. We provide a WordPress plugin that can automatically start showing affiliate ads on your website, as well as a tool that can make social media sharing quicker. Find out about all our tools and choose the ones that you think will benefit your promotional activity the most.

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