How to iFrame an Affiliate Offer

Affiliate links are a vital source of revenue for you. They are essential in generating revenue for your blog or channel by introducing potentially useful products and services to your following. It essentially offers you all the potential benefits of having your own business with none of the overheads. Yet, as essential they are to affiliate he trouble is that not all ad platforms like them and some will not allow them. Fear not, however, because there is a workaround. If you cannot embed affiliate offers in the usual way, you will likely be able to iFrame them.

Here we’ll go through why this can be beneficial and the methodology of how to do it.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame means inline frame. It is a means of transferring information in one web page into one or more other web pages. As you can imagine, this provides a neat little workaround for platforms with an aversion to affiliate links.

What’s the difference between a frame and an iframe? Well, a frame consists of at least two web pages. The parent page holds the source page and completely replaces any information on the holding page.

iFrames may be so small that they can’t even seen. What they can do, however, is dop a cookie onto the visitor’s page marking you as the affiliate responsible for the sale. This cookie can be instrumental in generating revenue for you without being detrimental to the visitor’s device or user experience.

What are the benefits of using an iframe?

While iFraming affiliate offers isn’t always as effective as, say, a landing page it can help improve conversion rates and is fairly easy to implement. It allows you to put your affiliate offer on your domain within any directory you wish.

Because you don’t need to place the redirect HTML in the root folder, it gives you much more latitude to get creative with your campaign URL.

This can look much more professional when linking to affiliate offers from your website as the end user sees your domain name for the link instead of an affiliate tracking link which they may be concerned about. You can make it clear its redirecting to the offers website by having the link as something like “”.

Also as an SEO benefit you can set a robots.txt rule to automatically nofollow for example anything in the /redirect/ subdirectory if you place all your redirects within this folder. As some SEO professionals believe it’s important to have search engines not follow affiliate/paid links.

Important – Always check permission before using iFrames

When you’re considering iFraming it is essential to check with your affiliate network that they allow this practice and explain to the network how you plan to iFrame offers. If a network has not given permission and you are found to be iFraming their offers without consent your commission may be rejected and not paid out. For this reason (and because nobody likes having their time wasted) it’s always best practice to check before you start sending traffic using iFrames.

Example iFrame Code

The good news is that the HTML code for iFraming is very simple. Even if you have very limited coding knowledge, it’s not that hard to iFrame your affiliate offers from the WOW TRK network. Here are some examples of code which you can use as a template.

Of course, if you are already HTML proficient, you can feel free to put your own spin on any of these and make them better fit the needs of your blog or other platform.

Download example code here (HTML file).

To download this you will need to right click on the link above and then click “Save link as” if using Chrome or “Download linked file as” if using Safari. Once you download the example code you are free to modify and use this for your needs. You will need to upload this to your own web server to be able to use the code.

Adding your WOW TRK Affiliate link

If you’d like to see what one of the above codes looks like with one of our affiliate links embedded, let’s use this affiliate link as an example and apply it to the first example code…

Download code with an example affiliate link in place (HTML file).

With any luck, iFraming can remove barriers to your affiliate campaigns and help your conversion rates soar!

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