How To Grow Your Email List And Start Selling Now

Email marketing is still easily one of the most effective ways to lead potential customers to converted sales, which is why it should always form an integral part of your online strategy. Before sending out those eye-catching newsletters and promotions, however, you’ll need to get subscribers. Sadly, without anybody to receive and read them, those email streams will have zero impact.

So, what are the best ways to get subscribers for your email bulletins and sales promotions? Let’s take a closer look at five of the best.

#1. Email Opt-In Box

The fact that a consumer has arrived at your site suggests that they have at least some interest in your products and services, which makes them an ideal candidate to sign up for your emails. Placing an email opt-in box towards the bottom of your site (or on the sidebar) should see a decent percentage of visitors sign up. You can take this even further by including another opt-in box on your landing pages too. That clear call-to-action should generate big results.

#2. Sign-Up During Order Placement

Email marketing isn’t only a great way to win over new customers and can be equally useful for ensuring that existing clients come back for more. While they are filling in their details during the order completion pages, you can include a box that asks them to opt-in for future correspondence. In addition to helping you get subscribers, these existing clients can be placed in their own section from your CRM system. This can allow you to send email offerings that reward their loyalty.

#3. Facebook Pages

Facebook pages can be used for many different tasks relating to the growth of your brand. Adding a direct email sign-up on your Facebook page is easily one of the best uses as it can help you get subscribers even from people who don’t visit your domain. Your newsletter builder may have an option to easily create an opt-in box specifically designed for Facebook. Add it to the top row of icons on your page and change the settings to make it more attractive to potential customers.

#4. Use QR Codes

Thanks to the growth of mobile technology, the lines between offline and online ventures are more blurred than ever. QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned by the user’s smartphone. When the data includes a URL, it will redirect the user to this page. Email sign-up pages are just one of several options but are easily among the best. So, everything from magazine ads to bus stop billboards can be turned into an interactive ad that generates email sign-ups.

#5. Offer Free Content

A lot of people won’t sign up for marketing emails because of fears it could result in unwanted email. However, they’ll soon change their minds when you offer additional content to be downloaded from an email. This could take the form of an e-book, videos, or various other tools. You could even post a blog that introduces the topic and leaves them wanting more. Once users sign up for that free additional content, they’ll be subscribed to your marketing initiatives too.

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