How To Become An Affiliate In The Dating Industry

Interested in promoting dating affiliate offers? Dating is a huge market, with lots of scope and opportunity to earn a steady income. But how do you enter the dating market as an affiliate? Is it really as simple as putting up some dating banners on your website and waiting for the results? Sadly not, but it’s certainly not difficult to get involved within this niche.


If your aim is to create a strong online community around dating, a steady flow of targeted traffic and a solid brand that can carry forward your affiliate income, then one of the first steps is to decide which area of dating you would like to focus on.

This is important because when it comes to dating sites, there are lots of different varieties. Are you targeting young singles or older singles? Are you targeting individuals looking for a life-long partner, or people looking for something more casual?

Once you are able to describe your target market based on age, sexual-orientation, and dating aims, you are ready to get started. Create a name and brand for your website that encompasses all these things and makes it clear your website is about dating. Your website and social channels need to be appealing and appropriate for your desired audience. The content you are adding needs to resonate with singles and encourage them about the benefits of online dating.

The most important step is to ensure you have chosen reputable and high converting dating affiliate offers, from a supportive network such as WOW Trk. You should promote your dating offers based on these three goals:

  1. Convert sceptical singles who are not yet sold on the idea of online dating
  2. Reach regular online daters, encouraging them to try a new dating platform
  3. Reach open minded singles who are keen to try online dating, but need guidance as to which website to join.

Content marketing is the best way to highlight the different benefits of online dating, before driving people to your affiliate offers. However, don’t forget the marketing basics of capturing your website visitors in different ways, such as via email capture forms or, through social media icons. This step is very beneficial because it allows you to re-market to potential leads.

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If you are interested in becoming an affiliate in the dating industry, please get in touch with your WOW Trk account manager to find out which dating offers are best suited to your audience.

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