How Social Media Can Help You Make More Money as an Affiliate

Social media is everywhere. The average social media user spends over an hour and a half browsing social channels every single day, with the average person having over five social media accounts on various platforms. When you really consider this, it’s clear to see why marketers can no longer ignore social media. The burning questions is… can social media help you with your affiliate marketing efforts? The answer is yes, if done correctly.


Paid Advertising
Social media is no longer ‘free to play’, it’s free to use technically, but it’s far from free if you want to utilise it successfully. This means that you need to set aside a small budget for paid social media advertising campaigns. You don’t need a lot of funds to make it worth it; £20-50 a month is a good investment if you don’t have a lot of money set aside for marketing. This allows you to drive more targeted visitors to your website, which results in more affiliate conversions. Facebook business provides plenty of information about how their paid advertising works, it’s a good place to start if you’re unfamiliar with social advertising.

Customer Service
If you’re trying to build your website’s reputation, customer service will play a part. Even if you’re not selling something, visitors might want to ask questions regarding the information on your website. Twitter is a useful platform to direct questions to, it’s quick and easy to reply and useful for getting a discussion going.

Distribute New Content
When you add a new blog post or video to your website, social media becomes your voice for distributing that content further. The best type of content for social is something that’s relatable to your audience. It could be humorous, educational, informative or shocking, if the content doesn’t fit into any of these categories, then it’s usually not worth sharing.

WOW Trk’s Share Offer Tool
WOW Trk makes is easy for you to share specific offers on social media. We’ve implemented the ‘Share offers’ tool within the affiliate account area. This provides you with social media creatives which can be used for social promotion. It also allows you to quickly share the offers by providing quick sharing buttons for each active offer, whilst automatically including your affiliate link.

Social media takes time and commitment to build an active and engaged community, it’s well worth focusing your efforts here for a short time each week, to see the payoff in the future.

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