How Newbie Affiliates Can Get Started In Just 3 Hours

If you’re not using the internet these days, you’re basically living under a rock. There are loads of interesting and exciting ways to use the internet; whether you want to share knowledge with people by writing a blog, show people how to do things by making a video tutorial, or make yourself some extra cash with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to combine your time on the internet with extra income, and if it’s done well enough you can make a nice amount of cash. But what is an affiliate marketer? Basically, an affiliate marketer promotes specific products on their blog or website. If somebody purchases a product you’re promoting via the link on your site, you earn money. Simple! Don’t get me wrong, you won’t become a millionaire overnight…that would take a lot of hard work and dedication. However, you can set this up fairly quickly…in around 3 hours to be precise. Let’s get started!

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Create an Internet Presence That Gets Large Volumes of Traffic
The first step will require you to have a blog or site that gets a loyal following or readership. If you already have one and your readers are usually looking to buy products, then that’s all the better for you! If not, create the site you need by using a platform like WordPress.

Think About The Products You’d Like to Promote
They should be products you would like to try out, review, and write about, so they should all be things you’re interested in. If you are interested in all things technological, you could review and promote gadgets. If you’re into makeup, start up a beauty blog and see what you can promote. You need to be careful though, as you can end up losing your reader’s trust if you promote products that are below standard.

Check Out Companies That Run Affiliate Schemes
See if you can contact the bosses of small companies, or the marketing department of large companies to see if they would be interested in having an internet affiliate promote their products. Two companies you can always do this for are Amazon and Apple! You can of course also use WOW Trk, which has relationships with over 200 advertisers. 😉

Learn How The Different Company’s Approach Affiliate Marketing
Companies will approach affiliate marketing in various ways, so make sure you know everything about the schemes you are involved in. Find out how you will be paid, whether that’s per click you get or per sale. You will also need to know whether you need to write your own content or whether you should use ready written copy.

Do Some Research
Using keywords in your text can help to rank your page higher in the search engines, and help to get you more qualified traffic. Research the keywords that could be used to get more visitors by using Google’s keyword tool.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, all you need to do is add the appropriate affiliate links to your content. It’s that easy to get started! Remember, you can’t expect success overnight; you’ll need to be consistent and put in the hard work to see great results!

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