How do you make your blog successful?

People across the world earn a stable income solely from blog monetization. For many it’s the perfect recipe for working from home. However, if not approached in the right way many result in failure just because the blog is not generating the visits it needs. But, with persistence and hard work you can achieve your six-figure income within months.

Attracting visitors can be hard especially with all the competition out there. Even if you have the great quality content it is hard for people to find new blogs. Optimization and advertising are key elements to your blog’s success. If you want to attract more visitors to make the revenue you must advertise smartly. Here we will go through some of the basics to get more visitors to your blog.

Before you start promoting your blog you must follow some basic rules when building your blog.

Website building and optimization (SEO)

With a well-optimized website, you can boost your rank on Google, making visitors return. There are some factors that can lead to better blog optimisation such as:

Hosting and Speed

Always choose a reliable web host with the experience and support that you need. Your website speed is one of the crucial elements of creating a successful blog and is determined by your web hosting provider. It is better if you invest more in your hosting plan to ensure your website runs as smoothly as possible.


The online world is filled with scammers that are eager to steal personal information. You must make sure you build a secured website that is trustworthy. That way you will boost your visits and stop possible breaches.

Niche and Creativity

Research the niche you want to write about. Get to know your audience and competition. You should always choose a niche with less competition making it easier to stand out. Choose a catchy name that is not easily forgettable and create a simple design to your website. People don’t want confusing websites with unnecessary features.

Blog promotion

After you have successfully built your blog, it is time for the attack. We will highlight some of the best weapons at your disposal in order to attract visitors to your blog.

Social Media promotion

One of the most popular ways of promoting your blog is through social media. Increased traffic to your blog is all but guaranteed when you use social media advertising effectively. In order to advertise successfully you must create your own social media strategy. Social media is more than just posting a picture from time to time.

You should reach out to people that might be interested in reading your posts, it doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 followers if only a few of them visit your website. For example, look at how they use social media in sports: NFL targets future markets that are relevant to its niche, and thus increases the sales of tickets and merchandise. You should also get inside the mind of your target audience, studying carefully and then ‘attack’ them with news and posts that are relevant to them.

Email Marketing

Subscribers are everything. Make newsletters and emails that will keep subscribers happy by showing them relevant information and encouraging them to return to your website. Gathering information is key for blog success so every bit of information about your subscribers will be useful such as email, name, gender etc. to get to know your target audience.

Relationship marketing

This is a very good way of connecting to people. There are a lot of different strategies to create and build relationships with your readers and engage with them even more. Influencing is one of these strategies. This involves finding an influencer that matches your style and letting the person share the product, blog or idea to their followers. Guest blogging is also considered relationship marketing. Creating a post for another blog on topic with both yours and their audience encourages people to follow your blog and share the post with friends and family.

Google Advertising

This seems like an expensive solution and should only be considered after you have made all the necessary steps mentioned above. Your blog must be ready to attract new users so the advertising can pay for itself. If you pay for Google advertising and fail to get returning visitors your campaign will fail.

There are a lot of ways to advertise your blog, you must be ready to invest in order to get your desired income. Be aware that blogs are not an overnight success and the process takes time. Just make sure you follow these guidelines and build your brand steadily and consistently.

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