How to Get the Best Results from Your Affiliates

Your affiliates are the backbone of your affiliate marketing programme. Without them your programme is pointless, without them you make no sales. Here at WOW Trk we go the extra mile to ensure your affiliates are fully supported, with advanced tools and excellent Affiliate Managers on hand to assist. As well as this, there are actually certain things you can do as a merchant to get the best results from your affiliates and continue to see growth.

Provide as many resources as possible

Providing affiliates with as much material as possible gives them the best chance at success. Try not to limit them with only a few different banners. Offer multiple creative banners and photos in various different sizes. Remember, some affiliates will promote your programme on their website, some might promote via email marketing and others across social media. All of these channels require different types of content, images and layouts. Of course, the means of promotion you allow is always down to you as the advertiser.

Keep things up-to-date

Just as you should provide multiple resources, it’s also crucial these are kept up-to-date. If you’ve had a seasonal promotion and created banners in-line with this, they will need updating or removing when that promotion is over. Failure to keep offers and resources up-to-date results in a lower conversion rate of your programme. Not only does this mean you lose out on sales, it’s also off-putting to high-quality affiliates with a lot of potential.

Voucher Codes

Consider allowing your affiliate programme to include the use of voucher codes. If you run discounts on your website, you could also provide affiliates with a unique discount code for use in their own promotions. The WOW Trk affiliate network supports voucher code tracking, so you can always count on an accurate report from the success of any discount codes supplied.

Reward Top Affiliates With Bonuses

Finally, consider offering higher commissions for high performing affiliates. This acts as an incentive and also rewards those affiliates going the extra mile, beyond the standard commission. You could also offer short-term bonuses such as one-off payments for affiliates delivering a set number of sales or leads within a specified window of time.

Treat your affiliates as the true business partners as they are. Value them and show them that they are valued. Following this rule of thumb will ensure long-term future success and enable you to build lasting relationships with your affiliates.

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