Four Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tips

Pick a Niche

If you really want to succeed as an affiliate marketer you need to focus your promotions on one particular niche. Really, this is a tip for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers. If you’ve already made a success out of promoting multiple niches, now might be the time to draw your focus into one and skyrocket your earnings.

To generate traffic that converts into leads it’s your job to create interest in the product or service you’re promoting. Influential websites, figures or blogs do this well because they are seen as an authority within one specific area. Choosing one niche allows you to become this authority.

Create Unrivalled Content

There’s a lot of competition when it comes to content. Getting yours in front of the right people isn’t just about knowing what to do, it’s about doing it better than anyone else. Our advice for this is to create quality over quantity. Try to be original in your topics and if you’re not great at creating content, outsource!

Create a Strategy

Going in blind might yield some initial results, but if you want to succeed long-term you’ll need a strategy. The word ‘strategy’ sounds like something you need a degree in to even contemplate. The truth is, a strategy is simply a well-thought out plan of action aligned with your goals. Breaking down each step is a good approach; think of it as a ladder to your desired outcome.

Forget Keywords, Focus on Topics

So you’ve probably included SEO on your list of marketing methods. Search engine optimisation is of course a brilliant driver of organic traffic to your website. If you’ve been in the game a while, you will probably remember the days when keywords ruled the roost. Google have advanced a lot since then, so although keywords are still relevant, they should not dominate your content. Talk about topics and try to provide information that’s genuinely interesting and readable. Affiliates who are successfully making this shift are maintaining their positions in the search results.

Finally, don’t be shy, get in touch with your designated Affiliate Manager. Here at WOW Trk our publishers find their Affiliate Managers to ba valuable source of information. Not only do they have a vast amount of knowledge about the specific offers available on WOW Trk, they can also provide great insight for your overall affiliate marketing strategy.

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